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Portraits accepted by artist on commission basis.

Mother’s Day Custom Portraits – 10% Discount

10% OFF MOTHER’S DAY CUSTOM PORTRAITS on orders placed now through April 15th, 2014 Accepting custom portrait orders for Mother’ [...]

Holiday Custom Portraits – 20% Discount

20% OFF HOLIDAY CUSTOM PORTRAITS on orders placed now through the end of November 2013 Accepting custom portrait orders for Christmas, Hanuk [...]

Pastel Portrait of Dexter

Beloved Dexter… I was deeply honored when asked to create this portrait in memory of Dexter, an Italian Greyhound who left this world mu [...]

Pastel Portrait of Nicole

Introducing Nicole! Portraying all that is elegant and graceful,  Nicole makes the most beautiful bride. This brown-eyed beauty, has the [...]

Pastel Portrait of Liane

Presenting Liane! A dramatic portrayal of Liane, as the bride dressed in white; both delicate and radiant in the way the hues are captured [...]

Graphite Pencil Portrait of Kate

Behold Kate! In my previous entry, I included a portrait of Kate’s brother. I’d like to take a moment now to feature Kate. Her grandmoth [...]

Graphite Pencil Portrait of Ben

The spotlight is on Ben! My previous entry featured  a portrait of Ben’s cousin. Today, the spotlight is on Ben! As his introduction, I [...]

Graphite Pencil Portrait of Amelia

Featuring Amelia! Amelia’s grandmother wrote such beautiful words to represent her, I felt it very important to include them, as they [...]

Graphite Pencil Portrait of Lily Paige

Presenting Lily Paige! Her mother describes her as “vivacious”, “zany”, “affectionate” and loves to give “the tightest hugs” [...]
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